1918-2018 : commémoration australo-anglo-française

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Re: 1918-2018 : commémoration australo-anglo-française

Message par christophe lagrange » mar. oct. 31, 2017 8:12 pm


Ron, un correspondant australien à la recherche de cyclistes français m'a demandé de relayer ce message relatif à un périple Amiens - Ypres en septembre prochain, afin de rendre hommage aux combattants tombés sur les champs de bataille et inhumés dans les nécropoles proches.

Amicalement :hello:

Bonjour Krysztof,

I am wondering if you know any french cyclists who can help us with accomodation and a 2nd driver plus bicycle trailer for a military ride we plan next year in France. We intend travel from roughly Amiens south then north to Ypres from 18th september to 25th sept 2018. We hope for 50km per day. Shipping our cycles to france is one big job and also accomodation along the route.
We will be approximately 10 aussies and 6 british plus any french ww1 reenactors in uniforms on vintage bikes travel to battle sites plus cemetary stops to pay respects to fallen soldiers. I will be in french uniform 1914.

That would be great if you could relay or put a message. I could not see the commemoration part but then again my french is poor.
We are very excited to do this ride but the shipping of cycles and organising accomodation is scary.

Merci beaucoup



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